I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really a dog person. I'm not really an animal person in general. I won’t even let Casey get fish. It's not that I am afraid of dogs or think they are disgusting creatures. I actually feel quite the opposite. Many of my friends have dogs and I enjoy visiting them and playing with them. It basically boils down to the fact that I can barely dress myself in the morning, how in the world would I be able to take care of a dog?

My buddy Chad has the beast of all dogs, a Great Dane, and his name is Brutus. A very fitting name for this monster of a dog. Brutus is not really much of a monster, more of a big baby, but it is a rather intimidating site when he spots you from the back of the yard and he begins galloping straight at you. I have mastered my matador skills to get out of his way so after one or two ole’s he comes back for a friendly hello.

This weekend Chad is going to get another beast. He is going to the “Christmas In Dogust” Great Dane Show (August 6 - 7) at the Chrin Center near Easton to pick up "Frankenstein" (yes, that's the dog's name). The Great Dane Club of Lehigh Valley runs the event every year. People from all over enter their Great Danes into the show for the chance to be awarded "Best in Breed". Apparently this show is a big deal, so I might just go along with Chad to check to check it out. I don’t think I'll be taking Casey along though, otherwise we just might come home with a Great Dane puppy.