Do you ever wish you could go back to the days when you were a kid? You know, not having to deal with all the pressures of adult life? I may date myself here, but there were no computers or cell phones back then. Heck we didn’t even have fax machines let alone PDAs! It was a much simpler lifestyle.

Recently I had the opportunity to step back in time and be that kid again. How’d I do that? It wasn’t any special time warp machine or anything, although wouldn’t that be cool? Really, all I had to do was travel to Easton to visit one of the most colorful places in Lehigh ValleyThe Crayola Factory.

Last week, I was at The Crayola Factory to partake in a video shoot that showcases Two Rivers Landing, which includes The Crayola Factory, National Canal Museum and the Crayola Store. I've been to The Crayola Factory several times over the years with my son and for work functions. I've seen Charlie make the crayons. I've sculpted flowers out of Model Magic. And, I've even made a project or two while I was there. But, I was excited to see some of the other exhibits that I hadn't seen in the past like the Meltdown exhibit where you get to color with melted down crayons. And, there was also the Crayola After Dark glow-in-the-dark wall where you write on the walls with a special wand that makes the wall light up. I couldn't help but take notice how the kids that were there on field trips, or just for the heck of it, had a blast on the chalk walk and the glass wall that they got to write on it with special window markers.

I think my favorite area was the huge crayon carousel. It is a circular area that has tons of different colored crayons and paper with images that can be colored. Do you remember the last time you picked up a crayon and colored? Well, I did it last week and it really took me back to my childhood.