Once in a while, when he's in my neck of the woods, my dad stops by my office in Allentown and we always say the same thing, "Let's do lunch, but where?" But last week I actually had an answer for him; I had a hankering for chicken salad so I suggested Spooners. Plus, I knew he had never been there before.

Every time I go to Spooners, I get the same thing - the chicken salad sandwich and jailhouse chili combo. Hands down, they have the best chicken salad. And now that he's tried it, I think my dad would agree with that statement too. Before we left, he said he wants to bring my step-mom along the next time we have lunch a Spooners.

Remember the diet I was on? Well, it went out the window that day! But hey, you gotta cheat once in a while, right?

What's your favorite lunch spot in the Valley?