First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I have a Thanksgiving double header: Dinner with Casey’s family around 2:00 followed by dinner with my family around 5:00 so by 6:30 I will be in a Thanksgiving coma - that's just too much food in too little time.

Of course the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. I can’t stand shopping on normal days, so Black Friday is an absolute nightmare to me. I grew up in Whitehall, where MacArthur Road and its tributaries turn into parking lots on Black Friday (you can navigate New York City easier than Whitehall). I am a Cyber Monday guy. Online shopping is the way to go: No lines, no traffic, and no crazy people.

Casey’s point of view is much different. Her and her friends are waking up and going to Kohl’s at 4 in the morning. So, since Casey will be shopping and I'm anti Black Friday, I have put together an alternative day of activities which I have labeled it Cherry & White Friday.

The Cherry & White tag is for the Temple vs Ohio football game that starts at 11 A.M. The boys are coming over to watch Temple play their way into the MAC Championship. (It is a real shame Penn State couldn’t win the Big Ten ... maybe next year they will be able to keep up with Pitt and Temple.)

After the Temple game, we have a football game of our own planned. Obviously that is dependent on the weather. But if it does happen, there is a good chance one of us is going to the emergency room.

For the grand finale, we are going to Jordan Park to play a glow round of disc golf.

Sounds like a much better alternative to Black Friday, don't you think?