The season premiere of Lost is finally here! It looks like Jack and Ben will be on a mission to gather the Oceanic 6 and head back to the island to save the remaining survivors. At least this is what we're led to think anyway - if you know anything about ABC's Lost, you know that it's never short with surprises. Can't wait!!

In last season's finale, a bunch of people from the island - including Jin - were presumably blown up on a freighter. I love to watch Jin, played by Daniel Dae Kim, on the show because of his local roots (he grew up in Easton). Fingers-crossed that he somehow makes back to the island!

As a matter of fact, another Lost cast member is from Lehigh Valley - Daniel Roebuck (he played a smaller role as a passenger on the plane in earlier seasons).

There are actually a lot of famous people who have hit it big in Hollywood from the region. In case you're interested, the 2009 Lehigh Valley Map & Guide coming out in February will have a list of some other celebrities and their ties to the area.

Obviously we know where I'll be tonight at 8 p.m. Where will you be?