How did you celebrate your 30th Birthday in Lehigh Valley? I’m sure there are many answers to this question; including enjoying a beer at Allentown Brew Works, dinner at Apollo Grill or even a round of golf at the Center Valley Club. I can almost guarantee that no one has celebrated their birthday quite the way my friend Nate did.

Since it was Nate’s 30th Birthday, his wife decided to surprise him at one of their favorites; The Inside Scoop in Coopersburg. My wife and I have joined the two of them at The Inside Scoop many times, so we were recruited to assist with the surprise: a 30 scoop ice cream sundae.

How does someone create a 30 scoop sundae?  The answer to this question - very carefully and with a lot of thought. The sundae featured scoops of Cookie Dough, Maple Walnut, Carmel Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip Mint, Parkers Playground and at least 10 more flavors. The sundae was then topped with 8 toppings including cherries and our own container of whipped cream.

The staff did a fantastic job of constructing the sundae and presented it to the 4 of us while singing Happy Birthday. That’s when the fun began. We all took our time eating the sundae and managed to make it through about 18 scoops before we hit the ice cream wall.

Needless to say, the 4 of us didn’t finish the entire sundae but had a memorable time trying. What’s your favorite ice cream memory?