My name’s Mike, and I’m a Lehigh Valley transplant. I was born and raised in Bucks County; New Britain to be precise. Glad I got that off my chest!

When I started at Discover Lehigh Valley, it gave me an opportunity to explore this awesome region of Pennsylvania. I know my way around South Eastern PA, and this was a great opportunity to begin a new adventure a bit north of my comfort zone. A new area brings plenty of chances for exploration and a fresh enthusiasm for the places that I hadn’t been to very often. Yesterday was my first trip to Allentown Farmers Market, and I asked our friends on Lehigh Valley, PA’s facebook page for opinions on what I should get to eat.

The responses we got from our fans made my head spin. I was going to need a week’s worth of meals to try everything that was suggested. I had to make my mind up between Amish baked goods, pickles, Mediterranean cuisine and hummus, or just straight up meat. When it comes down to any decision, I’m not gonna lie…I’m picking meat.

I went to Dan’s Chicken. I’ve been given lots of recommendations for the carnivorous cuisine here. I ordered a ham sandwich (I know, not very adventurous) and a rib. Yes, a single rib, because I knew I wouldn’t hear the end of it if I didn’t try one. The wait was a bit long, but that was my own fault. You can’t expect to get served right away when you show up at lunch hour at a popular farmer’s market…it’s just not going to happen. The waiting just fueled my appetite for meaty treats so as soon as I got the sandwich/rib, they didn’t stand a chance. They were delicious and I wish I could repeat that meal right now.

So for the fans of our blog that aren’t on our facebook, I have just two questions for you:

Why aren’t you a fan of us on Facebook? Just kidding, kinda. And what’s your favorite part about the Allentown Farmer’s Market?