I recently checked this weekend’s weather forecast and noticed that it is going to be a beautiful weekend in Lehigh Valley. Since I don’t have any plans, I started to think about some of my options in Bethlehem and put together a list of the 5 places I plan to visit over the next 48 hours.

1. Saturday morning will mostly likely include a trip to the Bethlehem Dog Park at Monocacy Park. Over the last 4 years this has become a favorite spot for my Corgi Snickers.

2. After wearing my dog out, it will be my turn to get in some exercise at the Bethlehem Golf Club. I probably won’t be able to play a round at the Monocacy Course, but I will definitely play 18 at their Executive Course. The Executive Course is a great place to work on your golf game.

3. Following all of this exercise, I’ll be ready for a hearty meal in the area. The toughest decision will be which of the great restaurants I’ll visit. Some of my favorites are Apollo Grill, Mama Nina and McCarthy’s Tea Room.

4. Several months ago I downloaded the Historic Bethlehem Partnership's Heritage Trail on my iPod. Sunday morning will be a great opportunity for me to check out one of the 6 trails offered. I’m thinking about walking the Monocacy Valley Trail which features stops at Burnside Plantation and the Colonial Industrial Quarter.

5. My weekend won’t be complete until I visit the Bethlehem Dairy Store. This has become one of my favorite shops in Bethlehem and offers a wide variety of flavors. My favorites are Peanut Butter Swirl, Bing Cherry and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Where will I see you in Bethlehem?