I recently won a $25 gift certificate to Burrito Grille in Allentown for being the first person to successfully complete a scavenger hunt contest on the Facebook page of Lehigh Valley web design firm 401! Creative. To show my appreciation - and to talk a bit about our upcoming website project - I thought it would be nice to share my winnings with 401!'s 5-person staff.

All of my lunchmates ordered burritos, which I took to mean they were pretty darn good, so I stepped outside my comfort zone and ordered my first burrito ... ever! I decided on marinated steak as my protein of choice (other options include shredded beef, chicken and vegetarian). At Burrito Grille, they make your food to order right in front of you - just like at a Subway - so I opted for the cilantro-lime rice, shredded lettuce and cheese, sour cream and, after hearing Liz rave about how yummy they are, pinto beans.

I took a seat in Burrito Grille's laid-back seating area and tried to figure out how to eat this thing. It had to be at least 6" long and 2-3" in diameter! According to Brian, the key is to balance one end on the plate and literally chow down on it. Don't let the size fool you - even though it looked huge, it was just the right amount of food.

Once I got the hang of eating it, I realized how tasty it was. The flavor was delicious, which had to be the marinade on the steak. In the beginning, I was wary about having rice and beans actually be part of the burrito itself, but I have to say that the pintos made me a fan.

My first experience at Burrito Grille was a good one and I can't wait to return. Have you been there yet?