On Christmas Eve, I got off work at noon so mom and I met up for lunch at Boston's Gourmet Pizza on Rte. 100 just off I-78/Rte. 22. I know, I know, Boston's is a chain restaurant. But just because it's a chain doesn't mean it doesn't have some of the best pizza in Lehigh Valley (it's right up there with Delicioso).

The minute we walked in the door, we were immediately greeted by the very pleasant hostess and seated without a wait in the nearly empty dining room (although I noticed the bar side of the restaurant had a fair amount of people in it). And within a few minutes, our waitress was table-side asking for our drink order.

We knew right away we were going to get pizza rather than the pasta or other entree options on the menu. But the question was, what to get on the tasty pie (with its fresh-tasting thin-but-not-too-thin crust and sweet sauce)? Since mom likes to eat what's healthy and I like to eat what tastes good, we opted for the individual pizzas - probably the BEST thing about Boston's aside from the taste of their pizza.

In the several times I've been to Boston's, I've always had a pleasant dining experience and this time was no different. There was plenty of time (but not too much time) for mom and I to chat before our food came and our waitress was attentive enough to refill our beverages even before we had to ask. Oh, and both my Italian sausage pizza and mom's spinach/basil/sun-dried tomato/garlic-covered pie were delicious!

The only thing about Boston's that keeps it from being a weekly staple in my diet is the price: $10 for an individual specialty pizza like the one mom got; $13 for a small, perfect for someone with a bigger appetite (like me). But, always the saver, mom came equipped with an assortment of coupons she compiled from newspaper circulars and coupon booklets.

What do you think of Boston's Gourmet Pizza? Is the price worth it?