Last Saturday my buddy Chad had his 8th Annual Bocce Ball tournament. This isn’t your run-of-the mill picnic and play Bocce in the backyard deal.

This year there was a field of 44 teams. People come from all over the place for this tourney: Two guys came from Missouri, there was a couple from NYC and another handful from Philly. 

We started the festivities with a selection show Thursday night. It's not quite on the same level as the March Madness Selection Show, but it's just as exciting for us to see where we end up on the bracket.

This is truly a national sporting and eating event here in Lehigh Valley.

Chad hired Sunshine Grill and had a pig roast this year. This was a new addition for '09. It was delicious, probably the best upgrade to the tournament since adding a Port-a-John by the horseshoe pits. Not only was the pig good, but so where all the dips, salads, and giant vat of perogies that were brought to the tourney by some very good cooks.

My partner Zig and I came into the tourney with high expectations; for the past three years, we've managed to finish in the top 4. We started out hot, winning our first 3 games. Then we went cold as fast as we got hot. We lost our next two and were eliminated. We were upset, but that didn’t last long because then I teamed up with Chad and tore through the horseshoe pits.

Congratulations to Frank and Chris on being the 2009 Bocce Ball Champions of The World.