For the last several years I have been a faithful attendee of the Annual Blueberry Festival at Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem. I first found out about it from a neighbor in my apartment complex when I lived in the city. All it took was one visit and I was hooked!

I think what I like most about this small summer festival is its homey quality. Burnside Plantation is a bit of the countryside in the city. The elaborate gardens surrounding the historic homestead have been meticulously maintained, which makes a beautiful stage for the event. I don't think most residents even realize Burnside exists since it's so well camouflaged by trees and the Martin Tower building on 8th Avenue.

Once I arrive, I'm on a mission to take it all in - except for the petting zoo, which I leave for the families. I usually start my visit with a tour of the many crafters' booths. In the past I've bought jewelry, stained glass and a ceramic pot. Next I head over to the house for a tour by costumed guides, followed by some nosh from the food tent. Finally, I settle with a slice of homemade blueberry pie and blueberry ice cream in front of the stage for some entertainment. It really is a great way to enjoy summer!

Have you ever attended the Blueberry Festival? Think you'll go this year?