Last weekend I was too busy gearing up for and then watching the Super Bowl halftime show to do much of anything in Lehigh Valley. (Bruce got it done ... and I got tickets for one of his Philly shows before they sold out!) Luckily, my co-worker Marc went snow tubing and told me all about it, so here's a recap of his experience.

So Marc, his wife Erin and several of their friends decided to go up to Blue Mountain for their first snow tubing experience. For the first couple hours of their 4-hour tubing extravaganza, they stuck together, going down in the group tube. After refueling themselves in the lodge with hot chocolate, they built up some courage and decided to fly solo down the slope in the individual tubes for the rest of the night.

Marc told me his favorite part of the whole experience was when they tied 2 solo tubes together, which resulted in a spinning downhill fury that had his size 13 boots banging off the snow retaining walls separating the slopes. Fortunately Marc had no foot injuries, but the same could not be said for the walls.

Marc and his friends enjoyed there evening snow tubing at Blue, and are looking forward to going again. In fact, if the temperature ever gets above 10 degrees, I'm going to give it a try myself.