Over the holidays a group of us went out for a friend’s birthday. We started the evening at Stooges for a cocktail, and then walked over to Henry’s Salt of the Sea for dinner. I actually think they should rename it Henry’s Palace of Butter, but no matter what it's called the food is delicious. My favorite is the Veal Oscar - outstanding.

After dinner was over we sluggishly walked back to our ride. The seven of us crammed into my buddy's Pathfinder. (It felt like high school all over again, but we weren’t packing seven people into the VW Golf I had back then.) For some reason it felt like a much tighter fit after dinner.

The night was still young, so like any group of guys with their lady friends in their mid to late 20s celebrating a birthday, we decided to hit up Jordan Lanes for some Rock & Bowl. That is right, birthday bowling: subtract the bumpers and add the beer! We had a great time. I actually bowled pretty good - I felt like Ernie McCracken from Kingpin.

Birthday bowling is a good time no matter if your 7 or 27, don't you agree?