March has come to an end, but the madness continues into April. The Final Four takes place this Saturday night and will decide who gets to play for the National Championship on Monday. Villanova is the closest team Lehigh Valley has to a home town team, so unless you have a rooting interest due to your bracket, get behind 'Nova!

Speaking of the NCAA Tournament, broadcasting legend Billy Packer will be giving the 26th Annual Frank L. Marcon Lectureat 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 14 in Billera Hall at DeSales University.

Not only is he speaking in the Valley, Packer has ties here too.

Packer covered every NCAA tournament from 1974 to 2008, so naturally I'm quite familiar with him. The Marcon Lecture has had very notable speakers in the past including Tim Russert and Charlie Rose. And by the way, the lecture is free, but you need a ticket to go.