While my recent bachelor party was a lot of fun, our wedding day blew it away!

The wedding took place at St. John’s UCC in Whitehall. I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony from Pastor Becky; she even threw our favorite band Pearl Jam into the homily. The most amazing part was how many people actually showed up! The place was packed - standing room only - which was very special to us.

After the church the wedding party piled into the limo, cracked a much-deserved beverage and made our way to the covered bridge in Lehigh Parkway for pictures. This was a good call by our photographer Ryan O. Not only was it a great place for pictures, the bridge was a shield from the 50 mph winds.

Before I get to the fun part (aka the reception), John is the main man at the Bethlehem Masonic Temple, where we had our reception. Casey and I could not have asked for a better guy to work with. There was nothing that we asked that he couldn’t do or wouldn't let us do. (Wish I could say that about the hotel and limo.) His food was great too.

The Temple looked beautiful inside. I have to give all the credit to Casey for that. She has good taste and did a lot of work.

Casey and I inhaled our dinner and started making our rounds to visit the guests. This seemed like an eternity. We weren’t even half way done when the horn section from Brian Kirk and The Jirks hopped off the stage and started a conga line to Paul Simon's “Call Me Al”. After that there, not a single person sat for the rest of the night. That is quite an accomplishment considering the size of our wedding. I owe that to Brian Kirk and The Jirks and the stiff drinks made by the Masons. Before the sun went down, this was no longer a wedding reception, it turned into a full blown rock concert (just the way we planned)!