With the exception of witnessing the same guy sing karaoke all night long, watching a LOT of football, and practicing my pool game so I don't make a fool of myself at my first pool league match coming up, the past week has been pretty low key for me. But I did make a pretty significant purchase here in Lehigh Valley since my last blog post, and it turned out to be a really pleasant shopping experience.

A month or so ago, I found myself without a TV. After picking my friends' brains with the age-old question, "LCD or plasma?," I decided that yesterday was the day to buy my new TV, so jumped in the car and drove to Whitehall.

Now that Circuit City is gone, the only electronics store I could think of was Best Buy:

I decided to see just how helpful these Best Buy folks really were.

After a quick scan of the DVD section (DVDs for only $9.99!), I headed over to the wall of TVs. I'd seen plenty of blue-shirted Best Buy associates who were pleasant and certainly not pushy, my biggest pet peeve about shopping.

I made a swoop through the TV section before I was approached by a very well-dressed Best Buy guy. I explained I wanted to buy a TV and that I really didn't care about pixel size or gaming output, hoping he'd catch my drift not to try to sell me on the 65" deluxe home theater model.

Surprisingly, he steered me toward the 32" LCDs and he gave me the rundown on the best brands for your buck. I asked him about plasmas, and without the slightest hint of irritation at my question, my Best Buy guy told me the pros and cons of plasmas versus LCDs.

I left Best Buy with a brand new 42" Samsung plasma TV and realized that was probably the best shopping experience I've had and that Best Buy actually does live up to its advertising.

Have you had a similar shopping experience in Lehigh Valley?