This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. In my mind, there's no better way to walk summer to the door than by doing one last "summertime" activity - go play mini golf!

Previously on Lehigh Valley InSite, Putt U as been called out more than one occasion as a favorite mini golf spot. But Lehigh Valley has more than one stellar mini golf course. In fact, during my daily commute from New Tripoli to downtown Allentown, I pass three of them:

1. Dorney Square, just down the road from Dorney Park,
2. Liber-Tee, next door to the Holiday Inn Conference Center, and
3. Bear Rock Junction, my personal favorite.

Bear Rock Junctionis nestled at the base of the Blue Mountain in the northwestern-most corner of Lehigh Valley. I consider it unique in that its theme is "old West gold rush" rather than windmills and clowns (a la Happy Gilmore).

Bear Rock Junction is comprised of two18-hole courses complete with large faux boulders, water features and old-time wooden train trestles. There's even a steam train that encircles both courses that you can ride after your round.

I've played both courses - neither being easier than the other. But I will say that if you're looking for a chance to feel like Tiger Woods, Bear Rock Junction has several holes where getting a hole in one isn't just a dream. In one round, I've made as many as three holes in one!

As everybody knows, the loser buys the winner ice cream, which Bear Rock Junction has along with other tasty items including Nathan's hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, pizza and kettle corn.

As you can tell, Bear Rock Junction is unique in many ways, but I have one more for you. Starting today, right across the street from the mini golf course, Bear Rock Junction has a corn maze and hay rides throughout the fall. I've yet to do the corn maze, but if they do things there the way they do at the mini golf course ... well, you've read this post, you know.