I got a little ahead of myself last week with the wedding blog. I skipped past the wonderful rehearsal dinner we had at Bar Cibi on The Allentown Fair Grounds. I have not been to Bar Cibi since it was the Fairgrounds Hotel, but I was hearing good things about it.

A person I know with The Great Allentown Fair has been there since it has become Cibi and suggested it to me. Didn’t even give it a try, I trusted her. I am glad I went with her suggestion. The dinner took place in the private room upstairs before hand. It looked great up there. We had our own bar and plenty of seating for our party of 40. Not sure what the plans are for upstairs, but they have this awesome deck that wraps around the top of the building and would be a cool outdoor hangout.

The food was delicious. We had perfectly cooked steaks, juicy chicken and tasty glazed salmon. To accompany the meat we had some type of Asian vegetable medley and really good potatoes. Nana Bro brought her world famous brownies and I had a bunch of those. The unfortunate part is we haven't had the chance to get back there for dinner since we have been married. It will happen soon enough.

How sweet are the shirts I gave my old man, father in law and groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner?