Remember my post from a couple of weeks ago when I talked about the unfortunate fire at Liberty Street Tavern? Well, fortunately they opened back up last Friday.

My fiancée Casey finally got to experience taco night on Tuesday, even though she had a cold and was congested. I even suggested loading up a taco with hot sauce, hoping that it would clear her up a little, but that didn’t work. She only had a taste, but I took full advantage of their "2 for $5" taco deal, so it wasn't a complete loss. She can’t wait to go back next Tuesday solely based on how good they looked.

Considering they had a fire less than three weeks ago, it looked good inside. The room off to the right was taped up with plastic and you could hear they were hard at work getting the Tavern back up to full capacity.

Most importantly it appeared that none of the 350 different beers were casualties of the fire!