In part one of my bachelor party two-post series I talked about our adventures at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.

After that, we went back to my brother’s house. He did a heck of a job setting up a party area in his garage and driveway, which included three hoagie trays from Wegmans, three Malone Pizzas, three homemade strombolis, a giant vat of perogies soaked in butter and onions, and a keg of beer. If that isn’t a party, I don’t know what is.

After about four hours of eating, drinking, and playing washers we were ready for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs game. By this time our group grew from 16 to about 26 - we were rolling deep to the 'Pigs game. We all loaded into the shuttle bus for the ten-minute drive from Catasauqua to Coca-Cola Park in Allentown. The bus ride may have been the best 10 minutes of the day. I couldn’t stop laughing at the antics that were going on.

It definitely wasn’t the nicest night to go watch a baseball game. The temperature was hovering around a balmy 45 and it was windy. The 26 of us entered the gate and headed directly to the Trough, a beer stand out behind right field. They were probably happy to see us coming cause there wasn’t anybody out there. Well, except for these two guys that my brother knew who said earlier in the game mine and my buddy's names were on the jumbotron for our bachelor party. I hope people didn’t think we were getting married.

After we got our beverages, we lined up along the right field standing area (pictured above) and the onslaught of comments towards the Syracuse Chiefs' right fielder began. The comments were surprisingly in good taste and he actually seemed to enjoy it. He kept turning around and laughing. He even threw a ball up to us after the game.

I wish I could write about the rest of the bachelor party but, I would have to put some type of age verification on the post before it could be viewed.