With round two of Lehigh Valley winter weather on the way, I got to thinking about what people do with a baby during a snowstorm.  I know what we did. We dressed Rosie up in her brand new Minnie Mouse snowsuit and took her outside in the snow for a photo session. The poor thing. She can’t sit up or really move at all once she is in the suit, so we carried her around while snow pelted her poor little face and then wanted her to act smiley and happy while we took 1,000 photos.

From the picture, you can tell how much fun she had. I think on my way home tonight I will buy a small sled, that way I could at least drag her around the driveway, with its small hill, and get some exercise.

Then, afterward we can take a stroll to Dunkin’ Donuts for a hot cocoa. 

Where do you take the kids sledding?