Recently, I invited some friends over to hang out. Easy enough, over they came. Done. Good times were had by all, but something was missing. We all wanted food, but no one wanted to go out and no one wanted to cook.

My solution: some of the best food you can get at a fair or festival in Lehigh Valley, Vince's.

Luckily for my friends and myself they deliver to my humble abode. We ordered tons of food; two pizzas, 3 cheesesteaks and 24 wings. Did I mention there were only three of us? We covered all of the main categories; meat, cheese & beer.

The pizza is among my favorite in the Valley (and as a note, to those who need to know, it's just as great cold the next day as it is fresh. Yes, it does hold up). The cheesesteaks, well Lehigh Valley, you've had them before. They've won awards on the midway at the Great Allentown Fair, which is approaching soon.

We ordered the wings mild, not as a cop out, but because we figured out that mild has a flavor and heat that allows you to also enjoy a good cheesesteak rather than, some "hot" wings that are going to scald your mouth and prevent the enjoyment of whatever else you ordered.

You can find them at most of the local Fairs, including The Great Allentown Fair, The Kutztown Folk Festival, The Bloomsburg Fair, The Kutztown Fair, The Schnecksville Fair and Mayfair. They have also claimed a permanent residence off the midway, in Trexlertown, near the Walmart on Mill Creek Road.

Now, you have no excuse to eat poorly (meaning quality of food, not meaning healthy or unhealthy) when Fair season ends, do you?

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