At some point in the past five years I've turned into a shopaholic of sorts, and lucky for me, there are many things in my life right now that require big purchases:
- home furnishings
- wedding accessories
- "work" clothes
- a new purse or pair of shoes I must have
And Christmas is coming up too, so I can add gifts to my list (hey, it's only two months away people).

My favorite place to shop where I can find all those things is The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley. I love going there because they have everything from unique boutique shops to name brands like L.L. Bean and American Eagle.

One of my favorite stores to rack up my shopping bill is Francesca's Collections. It's located between J. Jill and Limited Too, just down from "town square." They have unique purses, cute clothes, all kinds of jewelry and even some home decor. They also have all kinds of little trinkets, which make good gifts for the person who has everything. I can't leave that store without buying something!

I love going this time of year, because the shops are set in front of a backdrop of changing leaves - it's so pretty! However, my favorite time to go is at Christmas. The streets are decked with garland, and there is always a fire going in "town square" just outside of Starbucks. Mmm, shopping and coffee ... two of my favorites!

Has anyone else been to The Promenade Shops? What's your favorite store or restaurant?