Last week I compared Lehigh Valley attractions from 25 years ago to their present state. I also said that I would do that again this week. Well, I lied. It is far too much research. And a good blogger doesn’t actually do research, so I will just give you my opinion about a restaurant I went to Saturday night.

My brother called me up Saturday afternoon to see if Casey and I wanted to go out to eat with him and his new woman. Paolo’s in Northampton was our original destination, but when Casey and I arrived, there was an hour and twenty minute wait so we made a quick decision to move our dinner date down the street to Assante Ristorante Italiano. There was also a wait at Assante's, but not as long ... and they have a bar, so we got a round of drinks while a waiter walked around with appetizers. That kept us content for a while.

Once we got seated, we wasted little time ordering an appetizer. We got Antipasto Misto Caldo, a combination of clams casino, clams oreganato, eggplant rollantini, mussels marinara, mozzarella in carrozza, and fried calamari. It was real good and there was a lot. That was then followed by soup and/or salad. By the time we got to our main courses everyone was full, but that didn’t slow us down. Casey had Calamarifra Diavolo - she absolutely loved it. I had the Mussels Marinara, which was great. Everything was so fresh and tasty.

While we were there, I noticed a banner announcing that Assante won The Morning Call's 2009 Readers Choice Award for Best Dessert in the Valley, but we didn't have the room to try it. Have you tried any desserts at Assante Ristorante Italiano?