This past Saturday after a grueling “Glutes & Guts” workout with Angie at the Coliseum Gym, I decided to spend the afternoon with my mom and grandmother to take in some of the sights of the fall season.

We set out on a mission to pick our favorite apple of the season: the Mutsu (sometimes called a Crispin). The Mutsu is sort of a hybrid cross between a Golden Delicious and a Japanese Indu. They are green in color and look like a Granny Smith but they are sweet. They make excellent pies among other things.

It’s an annual family tradition to head out to our favorite picking place, Strawberry Acres, in Coplay. I had no idea this farm has been around since 1820. My favorite part about this tradition is getting on a roofless old bus and heading out to the orchards with my boxes to find the cream of the crop. But, this year we just didn't pick apples, we went raspberry picking too! We didn't even know they had this option! And, we found out that you can also pick pumpkins, and during the appropriate seasons you can pick pears, cherries and the best peaches around.

Oh, I also picked up a head of cabbage the size of a basketball (this will be great for halupkies)! They also have pre-picked fruits, miscellaneous vegetables and fresh baked goods for sale too. You can’t get any fresher in the grocery stores - trust me!

To say this place is just about the fruits and veggies would be a lie. Have any of you taken the kids on the nature trail, let them peddle their legs off on the trike track or saddled them up for pony rides? And we had no idea you could take a hayride and see incredible views of the Lehigh Gap and Blue Mountain to take in all the fall colors. Of course, next year we are also going to have to try our luck again at the “super slinger,” a.k.a. the biggest slingshot you ever saw! Winners get a free pumpkin.

Well, now that I got my Mutsu fix, I know my family and co-workers can’t wait to taste my annual tradition of fresh baked Dutch Apple Crumb Pie. Want the recipe? Send me an e-mail and I will be sure to reply with it.