The month of October was "birthday month": my mom, sister, and Casey celebrated their birthdays within the last three weeks. It actually was a good deal for me. I had four really good dinners, not including the night Casey and I went out in Bethlehem.

Casey's birthday was last Wednesday, but we planned our night out in Bethlehem for Saturday. We had a comp room for the Hyatt Place in Bethlehem from our wedding, so we planned our night around that location.

First was dinner at the Apollo Grill. I was never there and very excited to try it. Everyone I talked to about Apollo gave it high praise. It definitely lived up to the hype.

We started with two types of appetizers. We had Thai sesame-encrusted shrimp and panko and ginger crusted scallops with soba noodles and soy glaze. Wow, these two were good! Of course the scallops and shrimp were delicious, but soba noodles were a nice surprise.

Next we moved onto the main course. It was very tough for us to choose. Everything sounded so good. I decided to go with Szechwan duck breast (udon noodles, vegetables, brandy, green peppercorn, cranberry sauce). Casey went with center cut pork mignon (wrapped in bacon, chili-maple glaze). I've only had duck one other time in my life so I didn't really have much to compare it to, but I can still compare good and bad and it was great.

Speaking of greatness Casey's pork mignon made it into that category too. We didn't know what to expect with that dish; of course we've both had pork before, but neither of us ever heard of pork mignon. I think it was the chili-maple glaze that pushed Casey toward ordering it. She said it melted in her mouth. Once I heard that I grabbed my butter knife, reached over the table and sliced a piece off for myself. It melted in my mouth too.

Everything at Apollo was top notch and I can't wait to go there again. Have you ever been to Apollo Grill?