This is my third post about a wedding I attended in Lehigh Valley in less than a year ... and I have another in September. I also attended one in Maine. This is starting to get ridiculous! At this rate Casey and I won’t be able to afford our own wedding in May.

Anyway, the most recent wedding and reception was held at the Barn House Village in Bath. I must have driven by the place 100 times and never knew they had an area for outdoor weddings. I actually thought the whole place was some type of antique shop. That shows you how much I know about wedding venues.

The wedding was held outside under ominous skies. But everyone kept their cool and the weather gods held off the storm by a matter of seconds. The wedding party looked especially nice, which I'm going to have to attribute to Casey being the Maid of Honor.

The ceremony wrapped up and on the way over to the reception hall (the place I've always thought was an antique store) it started to rain. I wasn’t kidding when I said a matter of seconds. All the guests made it in relatively dry. The wedding party wasn’t so lucky - they were still outside taking pictures.

The reception was a great time. The food was served country style and my table went to town on it. We actually got a second round. It was delicious. After dinner was done the DJ started and I got my grove on the rest of the night.