Over the past year, I've watched the progress of Lehigh Valley's newest lodging facility, Value Place, as it was built while driving on Route 22. Finally, it's finished! Yesterday I attended the official ribbon cutting ceremony for Value Place, or as most people think of it "that $249 place" since that's what they have on their sign.

Aside from the fact that Value Place is a member of our organization, I went to the ribbon cutting because I was really curious about this concept. With my hotel background I realize there is a market for any property; after all, I worked in sales at the old George Washington Lodge (which has since been torn down and now Home Depot occupies the spot where it once sat in Whitehall), and their rooms were more "tired" than the guests! With Value Place's rates starting at just $249 a week, I was wondering if their rooms even came with a bed!

I was pleasantly surprised as Bob Cahill, the owner, explained the concept to the small crowd gathered for the event: You basically only pay for the amenities you want. No fancy soaps or shampoos here ... unless you bring your own.

As they cut the ribbon with the standard large scissors, I thought about the details Bob had just revealed. For the $249 rate, I'd get, at no additional cost:

  • A brand new room with a comfortable double bed and standard bathroom
  • A full size refrigerator
  • A microwave
  • A two-burner stove
  • A TV with cable service
  • And, maid service every two weeks

If I were staying at Value Place, I'd have to opt for the "add ons", especially the

  • More frequent maid service (if I wanted to clean up, I'd stay at home)
  • Kitchen dishes & utensils set up for 2 or 4 people (only because I get to keep them!)
  • Coffee maker (again, because I get to keep it!

Other options include WiFi access and more frequent towel service, but honestly, I could do without the internet for a day or two and if I want clean towels, I'd just use the laundromat that Value Place has on site.

Would you consider a property like Value Place, or do you prefer a full service hotel?