I'd completely forgotten how liberating and refreshing it can actually be to get away, ever so briefly, from a busy schedule, a deadline or project. Too many times we live our daily lives going from one completed activity or issue to another without really appreciating how valuable our time is.

The other day my fiancé and I went to the Rose Garden in Allentown. The rose garden is a beautiful place, perfect for "getting away." I've seen it a thousand times, usually as I hurriedly drove by on my way to some urgent matter. We were there on this day to take some pictures. Her sister-in-law Stacey had just purchased a new camera and wanted to work out the kinks. My fiancé and I are always saying that we don't have enough pictures of us together so we were eager participants.

As we were walking into the Rose Garden, I suddenly felt relaxed and at ease … as if all the concerns and issues of the day vanished. It was quiet… serene… tranquil. I thought to myself, this would be a great place to daydream (I'm a firm believer that daydreaming is a healthy activity. Good for the soul).

We took a lot of pictures that day at the Rose Garden, amid the trees and architecture there. The pictures turned out really great. That's what we went there hoping to accomplish, but the real surprising and cool thing was actually discovering the Rose Garden. There were a surprising number of people there doing much of the same thing: snapping pictures, walking, talking… just relaxing and hanging out.

The park system in the city of Allentown has so many places like the Rose Garden: Lehigh Parkway, Trexler Park and Jordan Parkway just to name a few. They really are local treasures for us all to get outside in the fresh air and just get away from it all. All you really have to do is get quiet and go!

I'm already thinking about going back to the Rose Garden, maybe during lunch sometime this week. Have you been there before?