The last couple of days I've noticed that there's been a lot of hubbub on the "vacant" first floor of my office building, the Butz Corporate Center in downtown Allentown. I've been seeing all kinds of cool artwork being shuffled around, people coming and going, and an awesome-looking sheep dog prancing about. But what does it all mean?

Well, I finally stumbled across what the commotion is about in a post written by Joyce Marin on the Allentown Good News blog and I couldn't be more excited about it (both for me, personally, and downtown Allentown):

The Allentown Chen Arts Group presents "Momentum, Expanding the Dialog of Contemporary Art in Allentown"

December 12 - 13 and 15 - 20, there will be more than 50 pieces of art by 25 artists. According to another local blogger, the late Greg Weaver will have some work on display (that's his blue cow piece above).

I'm so excited to see this newest community arts movement emerge to promote the work of artists who live and work in and around the city. Be sure to show your support by visiting the exhibit during the short time it is here - I know I will.