Due to some recent health issues, it's been suggested that I cleanse my system by not eating meat, dairy, fish, sugar, caffeine or anything artificial. Instead, I'll be on an all all-organic, GMO-freevegan diet for 90 days, which means no candy for Valentine's Day and a really limited choice of restaurants to choose from to celebrate the holiday.

I can tell you that if I weren't on this diet, one of my favorite restaurants to eat out at is Bellissimo Ristorante in Allentown. I particularly like eating there in the warmer months because they have a lovely little patio area with a soothing fountain, umbrella'd tables and classic Italian music piped throughout.

Michael usually orders the Chicken Bellissimo, which consists of chicken, garlic, roasted peppers, penne pasta, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes served in a pink vodka sauce. I usually try something different every time I go and I really haven't found one that I didn't like.

Their servings are enormous, which means lunch and dinner the following day are only a microwave away. But my all-time favorite part about going there is for their garlic knots - they are loaded with so much fresh garlic and butter ... oh, I'm hungry.

Since I won't be going to Bellissimo this Valentine's Day due to my diet restrictions, I thought maybe Balasia in Emmaus. Do you know of any other vegan restaurants in Lehigh Valley for me to try?