In one week, The Great Allentown Fair begins. Hoo-ray!

I've been going to the Allentown Fair since I was a little kid growing up in Lehigh Valley, so I have lots of memories of this annual end-of-summer event.

  • I've eaten lots of food there - Take A Taco is still my favorite.
  • I've lost lots of money playing games there - my guilty pleasures are Skee-Ball and ... shhh, don't tell anyone ... Bingo.
  • I've wandered through the livestock pens - even though they can be stinky, there's something about pigs that I simply adore.
  • I've enjoyed witnessing the carnage of the J&J Demolition Derby 
  • I've seen lots of concerts there - including, but not limited to, Reba McEntire, Destiny's Child, Blink-182, The Flaming Lips and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

A huge part of the Allentown Fair that I think is often forgotten is the Blue Ribbon competitions, most of which you'll find in Ag Hall (although I think it's official name is the Agri-Plex). Sure, it's always fun to gawk at the mammoth pumpkins and drool over the baked goods, but my favorite Blue Ribbon contest is the photography.

This year, I'm excited to say, I have entered two photos into the Arts & Photography category, which I have to take over to the Allentown Fairgrounds later this week for judging. I'm far from a being professional photographer, so I chose these photos more for being a) pretty and b) unique subject matter rather than good composition and perfect lighting. We'll see how I do!

What's your favorite part of The Great Allentown Fair?