Last Sunday was a nice break from a winter that just won’t go away. So Casey and I decided to take advantage of temperatures that actually broke into the 60’s.

Casey’s favorite thing to do on a nice day is to go on a walk/hike. Our usual stops for this outdoor activity are places like Jacobsburg State Park, Ironton Rail Trail, Whitehall Parkway, Lehigh Canal Path, and Jordan Creek Park.

On Sunday we switched it up and went to the Lehigh Parkway. I have been there many times to play disc golf, but Casey had never been there. I could not believe that she was never there. She was amazed by the natural beauty of the park and the stone work that runs along parts of the walking path. She was also surprised when I told her how John Lennon would come down from New York City with his kids to spend time in Lehigh Parkway.

Casey enjoyed the parkway and couldn’t wait to tell her friends and get them out there for a walk. I also enjoyed it, but to be honest I would have rather been playing disc golf at the parkway instead.

How about you: Disc golf or a hike?