Of course we learn about the Liberty Bell in school, but how cool is it that it was kept hidden during the American Revolution right here in Lehigh Valley?!

In my quest to become more familiar with the area, I finally got the chance to visit the Liberty Bell Museum in downtown Allentown. The Museum, which offers free admission, contains permanent exhibits dedicated to The First Defenders, the Declaration of Independence, and a replica of the original Liberty Bell. It even has the identical crack painted on it!

Not really familiar with the whole story? That’s okay, someone there will tell you everything you want to know, from a 5 minute overview to even an hour long conversation. Currently, there is an awesome exhibit that showcases Girl Scout uniforms, patches, cookie boxes, and other mementos from the past. Make sure you also check out another piece of the past, the historic (and absolutely gorgeous) Zion’s Church, built in 1886. The stained glass windows are definitely a sight to see. I can’t wait to go back and see Pip the Mouse!

I would probably need five more blogs to describe all of the great things at the Liberty Bell Museum. If you haven’t seen it yet, take full advantage of the free admission and experience for yourself some local history.