Last Saturday I experienced the 29th Annual Spring Corn Festival, operated by the Museum of Indian Culture, in Allentown. I took my mother and 10-year-old niece. Since we have Indian ancestry within our family tree, I always enjoy learning all I can about the culture.

My favorite part of the outdoor festival was the music and the dancers. The different tribes dressed in beautiful wardrobes, some including headdresses. They danced in a roped-off ring, but they occasionally allowed audience members to enter the ring and participate too. My mom and niece did, while I manned the camera.  

There were 20 or so craft vendors at the festival. They had everything from handmade jewelry, quill work pieces, bead work, leather work, tomahawks, books and paintings. You could also watch some of the artisans at work doing quill working, flint knapping, and making atlatls and tipis.

Although I didn't get to eat any of the food, it smelled wonderful. They had lots of authentic food like buffalo burgers, Indian tacos, corn soup, Wajopi (a berry soup), buffalo stew and roasted corn on the cob. And, the smell of the bread they were making was very tempting!

If you missed the Spring Corn Festival there's the Roasting Ears of Corn Festival in August and A Time of Thanksgiving Festival in October. Have you ever been to one or do you think you may in the future?