Out of all the fun and exciting Lehigh Valley events that I look forward to, the Freemansburg Motorcycle Hill Climb is in my top five.

The first thing I should mention is how much I hate mud - I want nothing to do with it - so me attending the Freemansburg Motorcycle Hill Climb last month, showers and all, was quite the feat.

Three of us headed over to Steel City just as it started to rain, but it cleared up by the time we parked in the giant field lot. We didn’t realize glass bottles weren’t allowed until after we arrived, so we took a moment to fill empty water bottles with our adult beverages. Then we lugged the cooler, snacks, and blanket to the perfect spot in the grass.

At first it was really hot, just laying there in the sun, but soon enough the clouds rolled and the downpour began. My friends and I used the blanket as an umbrella for a little while, watching everyone with their ‘easy-up tents’ wondering why we didn’t think of that. I’ll have you know I was the first one to give up standing under the blanket. The rain felt good so I didn’t really mind. It was the drying off part that stunk.

We checked out all the bikes and watched one in the burnout competition. There was also a bikini contest, which I watched but wasn’t too in favor of. By this time, we were hungry so we indulged in the best thing to eat at the hill climbs: the perogies! Hands down, the perogies are where it’s at.

One after another the motorcycles went flying up the hill. Some made it in 11 seconds; some didn’t make it at all. This year, for the first time they added verticross, two bikes racing up the hill at the same time! Too bad I didn’t get to see that because it started to downpour again and we’d had enough. But I'll get to see it at the next hill climb on September 12. This time we’ll bring the easy-up tent.

(Here's a Lehigh Valley InSite post on last September's Freemansburg Hill Climb).