It didn't take more than five minutes within The Sun Inn for psychic medium Lauri Moore to notice a presence in the corner.

Her first time in the historic building, which was built by the Moravians in 1758, there wasn't really any way for Moore to know that the corner in question was a hot bed of activity.

"Take pictures over there," she said, pointing towards the corner on the second floor of the Sun Inn. In the corner, a window which people routinely catch interesting photographs. Some say they can even see the buckles on shoes of the ghosts they catch in those windowpanes.

Lauri Moore, center, concentrating on energy 

And while we didn't catch anything specific during our four hour ghost hunt on Halloween with Moore and Lights Out Paranormal, we did have our fair share of chills and frights. We even live tweeted the whole thing.

Lights Out Paranormal provided an arsenal of ghost hunting equipment that would have made Casper worried. We had a thermal camera, some highly sensitive microphones in various rooms, cameras that could see in the dark, our own digital recorders, electrical field instruments, and more.

Cameras were trained on every floor 

Some of the highlights included a definite and distinct rustling sound while we investigated the attic. When the Ghost Hunters visited The Sun Inn in 2011, they came to the conclusion that there was the ghost of a girl in the attic. However, they weren't able to come up with a name for her and weren't quite sure from what time period she hailed.

Moore said that she felt the girl's name was Hannah and that there was another spirit of a child within the attic.

"His name is Samuel," he said. "And he's tired of being confused for a girl." Moore said that the two children were dressed similarly in the 1800s and that is what resulted in some other paranormal investigators from only coming up with the spirit of a young girl.

The entire tour touched on some of the other great legends that surround The Sun Inn, including the spirit of a solider Moore said was guarding something hidden there. What it is, we may never know.

If you're lucky, you, too can experience a ghost hunt at The Sun Inn. But, for those who are easily frightened, why not try a simple self guided day tour?

They promise to keep the lights on.

Check out our photo gallery below for more images from our scary night.