This weekend I went on a shopping mission to get some supplements and to find a juicer and rice cooker (being on a health kick is hard work!).

I have a favorite store in Allentown, Garden Gate Natural Foods, but I already knew they didn't have what I needed, so I thought I would try Queen's of Emmaus. The store was small and old-fashioned in nature and the employees were very helpful. Unfortunately didn't have the supplement I was looking for.They had everything else though, from cereal to meats to all-natural items for pets! I will definitely be heading back there one day.

I decided to put the supplement shopping on hold and accomplish my next task. Since I had a gift card for Bon-Ton, I headed to the South Mall. I enjoy the South Mall because it usually isn't crowded and you don't have to walk a mile to your car. I normally love Bon-Ton too, but the small appliance and kitchenware section was pretty bare. In fact, I got the last juicer on the shelf. They did have plenty of rice cookers though, and everything was on sale so I got a great bargain. 

After all that, I was shopped out and exhausted. Do you know of any health food stores with good selections in Lehigh Valley? And, if you have any great juicer recipes, please share!