Last Thursday night my girlfriend Jeanne and I went to see "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival at DeSales University in Lehigh Valley, Pa.

We arrived super early with a dinner from Wegman's and a bottle of champagne and camped at a table on the lawn right outside the theater to catch the Green Show. The Green Show was pretty funny, especially when they called on Jeanne to answer a question. 

As 8 p.m. rolled around we headed into the theater. We had both been to the Shakespeare Festival before but we were never in the Schubert Theatre; it's U-shape set-up seats about 250 people which made for a very intimate setting.

The show was spectacular and in my mind, the mischievous sprite named Puck, played by Claro Austria, stole the show. Claro's athleticism and talent really came to life as he used a magic love potion on several lost lovers in the woods.

I also enjoyed Bottom, played by Scott Greer, a craftsmen who performs with a comedy troupe at the Duke of Athens' wedding. Scott has several acting awards and it showed; his humor brought the whole audience to laughter several times throughout the show.

The different sets were very simplistic in nature which means the actors really had to perform well to make the show a success.

One thing that I had a hard time figuring out was the costume designs; it was almost as if it were a modern-day version of a Shakespearean play.

All-in-all, kudos goes out to Director Jim Helsinger and the entire cast for an excellent show, which runs till August 2.

Are you going to see any of the shows at the Festival? I'm heading back to see Cinderella later this week!