Across Lehigh Valley, and especially in the city of Allentown, there are a few preserved spaces of nature that we call city parks. These are places where we can escape into the beauty of the outdoors. The following is a list of my four favorite parks in Allentown.

Care to take a walk with me?

West Park: This is the first park that was built in the city of Allentown; both the bandshell and arboretum of trees that were installed there 101 years ago are still there. West Park is a beautiful and timeless place situated in a very urban area. There isn’t much to call a hiking trail here but there are paved paths throughout that allow you to see and identify the different tree types, the war memorials, the classic ornate fountain and the white bandstand. I recommend grabbing lunch from someplace nearby, like Kow Thai, and eating it here. The ambience of the park will have you coming back for seconds.

South Mountain Reservoir: On the South Side of Allentown there is a park that is more to the appearance of a nature preserve. There are two large lakes that you can fish in; there is a great amount of wildlife to witness and it is a great place for tree identification.

The mountainside is littered with trails that range from average to an easy-hard. Wear your hiking boots; sneakers and sandals are not going to cut it. Take notice to the stone circles that at one time served as lookouts over the city of Allentown. If you keep an eye out you may see some gneiss rock. Be careful, some of the trails aren’t marked very well but a trip up on the mountain is always gorgeous.

Check back on Tuesday for the part 2 of my guide to Allentown's top parks.


This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Andrew Kleiner, who also writes the Remember blog.