Last weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone when my family and I went to Rios Brazilian Steak House in Nazareth for my aunt and grandfather's birthday dinner. I love experiencing new cultures and even graduated with a minor in Anthropology, but I'm also a big baby about trying new things. I thought...Brazilian food? Nah. Boy, was I wrong!

They had a buffet with all kinds of salads and other goodies including salmon and chicken pot pie. Oh yea and try the Brazilian ginger ale; it's different from our ginger ale here!

The main course was the coolest thing (if you aren't a vegetarian). When you walk into the restaurant, off to the left you can see a fire pit with meat cooking on long skewers. At all times they have about 15 different kinds of meat you can try. They bring the skewers to your table and plop the pieces of meat right on your plate (but only if you have your "Yes please!" button facing up). My tip: save room for the sirloin wrapped in bacon!

We asked our friendly waiter if they eat like this in Brazil all the time. He said often times on the weekends they cook meals this way.

When my stomach couldn't possibly take any more, I turned my "No thanks!" button facing up to let them know I was beyond stuffed. We left happy and full and I felt good because I tried something new!

To see more pictures from my Rios dinner, check out my Facebook album (you don't need an account to view them).

I'm curious, what kind of food have you never tried, but always wanted to?