A beautiful and wonderful young lady named Sasha Marie Long invited me to the 14th Annual Lehigh Valley Christmas Concert at Allentown Symphony Hall last Sunday. I'm so glad she did - without her invitation I may have missed this wonderful Lehigh Valley concert.

I love listening to Sasha play the violin in the Allentown School District Youth Orchestra and I try never to miss her performances. On Sunday, Sasha and her fellow musicians in the ASDYO were the first performers of the evening. I'm sure they were nervous, but you never would have known; they played beautifully and really set the tone for the evening.

For three and a half hours, Christmas and Holiday music in a variety of genres (including a little reggae!) filled Symphony Hall in Allentown. Most of the musical acts hailed from Lehigh Valley, including:

Scott Williams, one of the best drummers in the business and proprietor of DrumWorks School of Music in Orefield actually played with three different acts that night. Even Allentown Mayor Ed Pawloski played the drums for a song with Jake Kaligis (he didn't miss a note, I might add).

The event was produced by Miriam Huertas and the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. Miriam was right when she said, "The magic of the holidays is a feeling that lives deep inside us and has a very special and yet different meaning for each and every one of us." The spirit of Christmas was in the air on this very special night at Symphony Hall … and was conveyed through the power of music!

The concert was very well attended and sounded magnificent.

I'd like to close by expressing a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Miss Long. I was able to experience the magic of the Christmas season through a child's eyes. Thank you, Sasha, for helping me capture the true meaning of Christmas this year!

Have you ever attended the annual Lehigh Valley Christmas Concert?