Clear your calendar for Saturday, April 17th...there's a very special 2nd birthday celebration to attend in Lehigh Valley. Unlike most 2-year-olds, America On Wheels will be throwing their own party, and we're all invited!

Any successful party for a - year-old needs to have a cool theme and lots of activities to keep both young and old alike entertained. Well, the Earth Day themed celebration that Linda at America On Wheels has planned fits the bill. (What a good Mom!)

For starters, the Smart Alec Club of Lehigh Valley will be holding a "Go Green" exhibit and presentation. If you've only seen Smart Cars on the road and never had all the features pointed out to you by a passionate owner, you're in for a treat. Prepare to be amazed.

There will also be a talk on the history of the Ford Motor Co. given by a gentleman from the LV Model A Club. (Is that really 19 models before a Model T?) Followed by a "Bull Dog Beauty Contest". There's even a special appearance by a celebrity bull dog, who probably has more friends on Facebook than I do!

Make sure the kids are there at 1PM...that's when they get to make their own "dirt cakes". You know, Oreo Cookies, cool whip, pudding, gummy worms; a great "hands-on" Earth Day kind of birthday cake.

Remember back in November I told you about A.O.W.'s custom & concept car exhibit dubbed "Imagineering At It's Best - Cool, Crazy and Creative"? Well this will be your last chance to see this exhibit before the muscle cars roll in, so make sure you check it out. "Imagineering" only hints at its coolness.

Congratulations, America On Wheels, on your second anniversary! I look forward to celebrating many more years with you.