I had quite an interesting experience this past weekend and it all centered around the sport of golf.

I've been an avid golfer for the better part of nine years now. There isn't an excuse or a reason that I haven't conjured up to get myself on a tee box somewhere. Heck, I've even made the personal and financial commitment that goes along with being a member of not one but two Lehigh Valley golf clubs this season – Allentown Municipal Golf Course and Blue Ridge Country Club.

The funny thing is I haven't played golf in nine weeks! I stopped playing because I'd grown resentful of the inherent difficulties of the game and its ability to tear your heart and soul to shreds.

But then this weekend happened.

My girlfriend won the 1st Flight of Blue Ridge Country Club's Club Championship. I'm really very happy for her, but she said she had a blast doing it. What?! You had FUN?!

Then I caddied for a buddy of mine in the Allentown City Match Play Championship at Allentown Municipal, and even though he lost, he had a great time.  Another friend won his 1st match, lost his 2nd and still came away with a foolish expression of joy on his face.  Another buddy lost to a 14 year old kid and said to me with a straight face, "Man, that was cool." Originally I thought, is there something in the water? Invasion of the Body Snatchers also came to mind.

All weekend long I was surrounded by smiling golfers. Maybe I’ve been coming at the game all wrong. Maybe I need to look at it from a different perspective.  So I took a radical step … I went out and played my first round in nine weeks over at Allentown Muni ... in the rain! I played surprisingly well and enjoyed myself.  But, here’s the question:  did I have fun because I played well, or did I play well because I tried to have fun. What a wicked twisted game!

Has this ever happened to you? What’s your story?