Jeanne had never been to First Friday in SouthSide Bethlehem, and I really wanted to see the InVision Photo Festival at The Banana Factory, so off we went on a cold, damp Friday night in November.

We started at Looper's. With over 500 martinis to choose from, who could go wrong? Jeanne decided on the Orange Julius and I had a Frozen Mango martini. De-lic-ious! After our insides were warmed a bit, we headed to Home & Planet. Most of the items in this store are made from recycled, found or organic materials and are truly eclectic in nature. We laughed our heads off at some of the cards they had for birthdays, thank you's, etc.

Our next stop was Cleo's. This is a Lehigh Valley store that I truly adore. Cleo's is filled with great gift ideas including plenty of glass ornaments, silver jewelry and a ton of original, one-of-a-kind goods.

Next we moseyed over to The Banana Factory, where we started with the InVision Photo Festival. I'd never seen such a successful event. The halls and galleries were lined with photography and people. We are definitely looking forward to the Festival next year … it's supposed to be expanded over the course of a week instead of just a weekend.

Before we left The Banana Factory, we visited each and every artist studio to check out their latest masterpieces. There was food and drinks galore in almost every open door, so we were in heaven.

Last stop of the night was Starter's Riverport. The place was jamming with a variety of age groups, which was nice. We got a few appetizers: the hummus platter and the fried macaroni & cheese (not as disgusting as it sounds … it was actually very good!).

Overall, it was a great night, but we needed more time to get to some other places. We definitely want to check out the Essence Hookah Lounge (neither of us smoke, but we are curious) and Tallarico's Chocolates the next time around.

The next Friday Friday event is tomorrow. Do you plan to go?