Last week, I was introduced to Carnegie Deli, located at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. It has the essence of a great New York City deli, except for one thing: I’m pretty sure their meals are designed for giants, easily some of the biggest in Lehigh Valley. As I sat down, I started noticing sandwiches stacked about a mile high being delivered all around me.

I was going to try and conquer one, but I opted for the "Zorba the Greek" salad instead. Before our meals arrived, we enjoyed some potato pancakes that were about the size of my head and extremely tasty. When my salad arrived, I had to take a minute to assess how I was going to tackle this thing. The fresh veggies, feta cheese, and Greek dressing were absolutely delicious and seemed never ending, to the point where I thought someone was refilling it when I wasn’t looking. To say I had plenty of leftovers is an understatement (and I wasn't complaining)!

Not only is the service very friendly and attentive, it’s ensured that you’ll never leave hungry. If you mange to fit in dessert afterward, you just might be my new hero.

Have you visited Carnegie Deli yet?