I am a golfer. In fact, one might say that I am addicted to the sport. I thoroughly enjoy the game (most days). I have a great year going too; several wins in Lehigh Valley tournaments and my handicap has come down six strokes. Kudos to my instructor (who you can read about here).

Last week, one of our vendors invited me to play at The Club at Morgan Hill in Easton to show their "customer appreciation". Let me tell you, this was one of those days that I hated golf. I was in great company, but even if you take the 97 degree blistering sun out of the equation, the course ate me up! Had we been playing a scramble format I might not have minded it so much.

Don’t get me wrong, Morgan Hill is beautiful. The conditions were decent for the hot, dry summer we've had. But the semi-private course is set on a mountain, which means that many shots are straight uphill or downhill. There is over 300’ of elevation changes, half of that being on one hole! On most holes we felt like billy goats. There are also a few blind shots, which can be tricky even for the most experienced golfer.

We all shot about 10 strokes higher than we would normally score due to the intensity of the course. But I think the guys I played with actually can’t wait to go back and tackle it again. It must be a male thing to not let something defeat you in that way.

As for my favorite part of the day … lunch on the patio before we started! The restaurant serves excellent food. It’s a shame the clubhouse was closed (it was a Monday after 5 p.m.?) by the time we finished our round, because I know we all needed a cocktail after that round.

I've heard many people say that they either love Morgan Hill or they hate it ... if you're up for a challenge why don't you decide for yourself? It's totally worth trying it at least once!