Call me old fashioned, or stubborn even, but I don’t have air conditioning...not in my car or in my 100 year-old apartment. And since I have yet to reach millionaire status, I haven't gotten around to installing a pool in my apartment either. So when summer comes each year, I look for fun and affordable things to do to beat the heat. One way I recently found is to take a trip to Lost River Caverns in Hellertown, and at 52° all year it's perfect for cooling down in the sweltering heat.

Lost River Caverns is a series of beautiful underground chambers in a cave that descends 100 feet below the earth’s surface. Over the course of roughly 250,000 years, water slowly dissolved the limestone, forming winding caverns and leaving behind stalactites, stalagmites and picturesque crystal formations in its wake. Lost River Caverns is named for the “lost river” that flows through it, which is aptly named since the origin and destination of the river remain a mystery (They’ve made several unsuccessful attempts at getting to the bottom of it, including sending out 150 ping pong balls with their name and phone number on them).

Our guide explained the modern history of the cave, including the chapel which was used for more than 100 wedding ceremonies and a room deep underground that Lehigh University fraternities once used for their initiation ceremonies. There was even a room where people would hold ballroom dances in the late 1800’s … It was the only cool place to go since they didn’t have A/C then either! Find other ways to stay cool in Lehigh Valley.

You’ll need a few things to fully enjoy this tour; a light jacket, a camera and $11 per person ($7 for kids 3-12). Fun Fact: It takes between 100-1000 years for one inch of a stalactite to form. So while you’re there, make sure you don’t touch anything other than the railings ... Contact with human skin can set these rock formations back a few hundred years!

How do you beat the heat in Lehigh Valley?