The holidays are always the same for me. Just like in the movie Four Christmases (which I saw last weekend), I visit three or four different households on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and each house always offers some kind of "surprise."

This Thanksgiving was no different.

During my second stop (Aunt Debbie's house), I was excited to hear that my little cousin will be playing one of the street urchins in A Christmas Carol at the Civic Theatre in Allentown. He gets to be the boy who picks up Scrooge's hat after he drops it. He's pretty psyched about this role. He even put on his costume for everyone and recited his line. I didn't realize Civic Theatre had such a prominent Theatre School, let alone that my cousin was in it. Some pretty big-name actors, like Christine Taylor and Michaela Conlin, went there!

Anyway now that I know my cousin will be in it, I went from hoping to see A Christmas Carol at Civic Theatre to having no excuse not to go see it. Wanna come? Who knows, my little cousin might be the next Bill Murray!